Who We Are

Sakpattanakarnkaset Co Ltd, established in Thailand since 1984 with only 10 employees, is renowned for its innovation in design, manufacturing and distribution of agricultural machinery. We specialize in combine harvesters (corn and rice) and spraying machines which are manufactured with high quality parts at a reasonable price

From our humble beginnings to our current strength of 500, we remain focussed in creating, developing and ensuring our combine harvesters reach its best operating efficiency, even in different geographical regions and demanding terrains.

As a customer focussed organisation, we are determined in achieving customer satisfaction in what we do. By using the latest technology, we are capable of manufacturing machinery parts in-house and have them stocked at our warehouse. This ensures quality control throughout our production process, and any repair or parts replacement required are fulfilled easily with as little down-time as possible to you. This allows us to deliver customer satisfaction at an affordable price.

Additionally, we have branch offices in each region of Thailand which are also distribution centres that oversee parts replacement, service and maintenance for customers within or outside of Thailand.

About Us

Our Features

Certified low grain loss rate < 3%

You have invested great effort and time in growing your crops. Don’t be let down by inconsistent harvesting techniques and processes. Losing harvest is losing money. Our combine harvesters certified with low grain loss rate maximises every harvest. That means more for you to sell and more for you to share.

Manufactured and produced in-house

Manufacturing from scratch allows us quality control over entire manufacturing process and consistent quality of parts. Reliable parts mean more time spent where it matters most, on your crops. Every Sakpattana combine harvester is built with reliable parts that work for you. Every time.

Modular Assembly

Combining ultra-durable raw materials with innovative modular assembly methods defray long term repair and maintenance costs. With a little bit of elbow grease and tools, there’s no welding involved and you save by only replacing the worn-out parts, instead of the entire component. For an added peace of mind, critical components are also covered under warranty.

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