01 Jun 2021

After-Sales Service Clarification

Dear valued customer of Sakpattana,

Following our earlier announcement on the cessation of distributorship with PT Hexa Teknika Persada (“PT Hexa”), we wish to express our gratitude for your continued support and trust.

With the end of PT Hexa’s distributorship on 25 May 2021, there are currently no appointed distributors, dealers, sub-dealers, sub-distributors or agents in Indonesia. Should you encounter any entity or individual who claims to be associated with Sakpattana Indonesia, please contact us directly to verify these claims. With these changes, you might be wondering who to contact for your servicing issues, where to source for your spare parts, and who would fulfill the warranty obligations.

We wish to assure you once again of our commitment to Sakpattana’s development in Indonesia and assure all Indonesian customers you will be supported by our Indonesian team.

If your unit is still under standard warranty and you need to file a warranty claim, kindly contact us through our website.
If your unit is out of standard warranty, please also reach out to us through our website and we will gladly assist.
If your unit is out of standard warranty but under extended warranty provided by a third party, and you intend to make a claim under extended warranty, please contact the third party provider of your extended warranty.

For your spare parts needs or any other concerns, we are available on these channels.

Website: https://sakpattana.co.id/id/
Email: sales@sakpattana.co.id

The management of Sakpattana Indonesia