Machine Specifications
Model Big Hunter Spraying Machine
Dimensions Width (mm) 2,110
Length (mm) 4,650
Hight (mm) 2,200 (No Roof) / 2,900 (Roof)
Weight (kg) 1,860
Painting Powder coated
Engine Type Yanmar 3TNV88 32HP 3-Cylinder Water Cooled Diesel Engine
Output (RPM)  3,000
Continuous rated output (kW) 28.2
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litre) 9
Drive system  Type Hydrostatic
Controller Free Drive’ – Left & Right Independent Turning System.
Steering system  4WD
Guide & Rear wheel – diameter(mm) 1,350
Guide & Rear wheel – width(mm) 170
Wheel material PVC/Rubber
Transmission Traveling Speed (km/hr) 5-7
Spraying Speed (km/hr) 4-6
Chemical Pump Type LS-548 Whale
Chemical Spraying Capacity 3.5 HP
Continuous rated chemical spraying flow (Litre/min) 32-73
Chemical Tank Capacity (Litre) 500
Water Suction Capacity 5 HP
Continuous rated water pumping  (Litre/min) 500
Boom Type Hydraulic & Semiautomatic electric system
Maximum width (m) 20
Ground height adjustment (mm) 670-1,500
Nozzle Type Wide Angle Fan Spray Nozzles
Quantity (pcs)  43
Spraying capacity Performance (indicative – h.a./hour)  3.4-4.0
Volume (indicative – h.a./tank) 1.6-1.9
Fuel consumption Litre/hour 1.5-2.5
Note: Products and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.