Sakpattanakarnkaset Co Ltd, established in Thailand since 1984 with only 10 employees, is renowned for its innovation in design, manufacturing and distribution of agricultural machinery. We specialize in combine harvesters (corn and rice) and spraying machines which are manufactured with high quality parts at a reasonable price

From our humble beginnings to our current strength of 500 employee, we remain focused in creating, developing and ensuring our combine harvesters reach its best operating efficiency, even in different geographical regions and demanding terrains.

As a customer focused organization, we are determined in achieving customer satisfaction in what we do. By using the latest technology, we are capable of manufacturing machinery parts in-house and have them stocked at our warehouse. This ensures quality control throughout our production process, and any repair or parts replacement required are fulfilled easily with as little down-time as possible to you. This allows us to deliver customer satisfaction at an affordable price.

Additionally, we have branch offices in Indonesia which are also distribution centers that oversee parts replacement, service and maintenance for customers within or outside of Thailand.


To overcome the challenges in current farming practices and help farmer enjoy the use of Agriculture Machinery.


  • To empower every Indonesian farmer to achieve more & preserve more.
  • Design, manufacture, and distribute high-quality agricultural equipment that meets the needs of farmers across different crops and terrain.

Company Value

We believe with our values, we can create a positive impact on the agriculture industry and society as a whole. By upholding our principles of customer commitment, teamwork, quality, integrity and personal accountability we can deliver products and services that meet the needs of our customers, support the environment, and contribute to the development of a more equitable and sustainable world. Our values guide us in making responsible decisions, building lasting relationships, and striving for excellence in everything we do.

Customer Commitment




Personal Accountability

Milestone In Indonesia


One of Thailand’s first and finest
combine harvester, KM-AMT, reaches the shores of Indonesia.
It is still currently in use.


We grew together with our Indonesian customer base and established our representative office in Indonesia to respond to partners’ needs better.


Sakpattana officially incorporates in Indonesia as “Sakpattana
Agriculture International” and begins full business operations in Jakarta.


Sakpattana farming solutions continue to be trusted across Indonesia and we will keep growing.

Reward & Recognition

1st place in agricultural machinery field
Certificated 2012

Ministry of Science and Technology Thailand

Certified Grain loss testing of Sakpattana
combine harvester with less than 3
percent Agricultural machinery and postharvest technology research center 
(KKU) Thailand

2nd Runner up award in the field of agriculture and agricultural processing for the year 2019

Ministry of Higher Education,Science, Research and Innovation Thailand

Certified performance testing of the ability of Sakpattana combine harvester in soft soil (puddle field) With pass the test

Department of Industry Promotion and College of graduate study in management
(KKU) Thailand

1st place in agricultural machinery field Certificated 2013

Ministry of Science and Technology Thailand